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What Is Resurrecting Hope Primary School?

Resurrecting Hope Primary School is a Christian school located in Arifwala, Pakistan. It was established
in 2009 to meet the needs of impoverished Christians in the local area. It is a state certified school. All the students must pass standardized state tests to graduate from one level to another. The school is open to all and has a few Muslim students. In addition to the state required curriculum, the students are taught from the Bible about living a Christian life.  Because the school is much better than state schools, parents of the Muslim students agree to this instruction. Since 2009, the school has expanded to include secondary classes as well. The school currently provides for one hundred eighty students. Each year in March they need $1,000 for textbooks.

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How Do I Know This Is a Legitimate School?

With all the scams going on and funds being diverted to terrorists, this is a very important question. In 2011, Proverbs Three Nine Foundation's president, Ray Ruppert, traveled to Arifwala, Pakistan. He visited the school and other projects where the school's principle, Saul Masih, was ministering. He and another supporter from Texas were able to preach the Gospel at crusades as well as verify that the school was indeed what it claimed to be.

What Kind of Support is Needed?

  • Most of the support for the school is provided by an individual businessman in Arizona. He provides salaries for teachers and many other costs. However, he is not always able to provide for the curriculum required by the state. Therefore, Proverbs Three Nine Foundation is taking on the project of assisting with the curriculum. Each year the students must have workbooks and the cost for this is around $1,000. US.
  • In addition to this, Saul also provide food and clothing relief for children and poor families as funds are available. This is especially helpful in winter months when nighttime temperatures drop.

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Who Is Saul Masih?

Saul Masih is a young man who was raised in a Christian (name only) family in Arifwala, Pakistan and came to know Jesus as his Savior before finishing high school. He had a heart for the children of his community who couldn't get an education because they had to work instead of going to school. He started teaching them Bible classes. He postponed his own education to help them. With the help of a businessman in Arizona, he was able to fulfill the requirement to start the primary school. He has continued his education, graduated from seminary, and is an ordained Presbyterian minister. Saul has become the pastor for his Christian community in Arifwala. He is married to Samina. They have two children, Steve and Rachel. You can find him on Facebook at

How Do I Know My Support Will Be Used Properly?

Proverbs Three Nine Foundation is an IRS recognized 501 (c) (3) foundation. It must conform to all of the IRS regulations and report all such support to the IRS on its 990-PF filing each year. These reports are available to the public. More importantly, we are governed by strong Christians who understand the need to be faithful in stewardship.